Robert Lococo


Colorado Springs

Fine Art Painter

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Robert Lococo's art specializes in avian and landscape art.  His impressionistic perspective of  nature leaves the casual and discerning observer alike with a grasp of the emotion and joy of the moment.  All of Robert's art is created from his first-hand experience in the outdoors. 


I 31.5" x 48"   I  Oil paint and chalk pastel on masonite  I$ 4,500  

Early to Rise: Heron at Dawn

I 56.5" x 28"     I Oil on fiberglass      I$4,500

Hospitable Hummingbird

I   31" x 23"   I Chalk Pastel and Graphite      I $1,850 framed sold

Aloha Maui Amakihi

I 29" x 15"      I Oil on Board      I$950 framed

Crane Dame

I 29.25" x 25"      I Chalk pastel    I$450 framed

Spoonbill Rhapsody

I 12.5" x 27.5"      I Watercolor      I$325  framed

Pelican Portrait

I 28" x 15.5"      I Oil on board      I$700 framed

Flaming Flamingo

I 13.5" x 18"     I Oil on board      I$350  framed

Big Rooster, Little Rooster

I 21.75" x 10.25"     I Oil on board      I$215  frames

Nation's Bird

I 11.5" x 19"     I Oil on resin and canvas      I$950

Sifting Ibis

I 37" 25.5"      I Oil on board      I$1,350


I size I media I $ (framed)


I size I media I $ (framed)


I size I media I $ (framed)

Red Letter Rooster

I 36" x 46"   I oil on canvas  I$2,000   

Show Off

I 54" x 11 "   I  Oil paint on walnut wood  I$3,200   

Henning Hens

I 38.5" x 20"   I  Oil paint and chalk pastel on masonite  I$ 2,300  


I 31.5" x 48"   I  Oil paint and chalk pastel on masonite  I$ 4,500  


I 35" x 53"    Acrylic     I$400 framed

Married Reflection - There are two of these, and much longer, sold as pair

I 60" x 24"  I oil paint I $4200 (framed)

Sunbathing Ibis

I18.25" x 15.5"  Oil on board    I$300 (framed)


I 4" x 6"  I watercolor   I$75 (framed)

Smiling Cockatoos

I  8''x 10"  I watercolor I$200 (framed)

Pelican in Flight

I 18" x 8"  I oil and graphite I$220 (framed)

Hay, Good Looking

I4'x 9" I Oil on redwood (3d)   I$850 (framed)


I  20-1/4" x 10"      I oil paint on board      I$230 framed

Flight of Herons

I 26" x 8"     I Oil on Oak      I$285


I35"x 22" oil and mixed media on canvas    $850 (framed)

Cardinal Conversations

I 31'' x 23''   I oil on canvas  I$1,300  framed   


I"24"x 24" "  I Watercolor   I$600  (framed)

Good Morning

I 8" x 1o"  I chalk pastel  I $2oo (framed)

Preening Dove

I 6" x 4"  I watercolor I $75 (framed)


I14 x14  I media   I$210


I27.5 x 21.5  I media   I$375 (Circular background shape is see-through and customizable)

Youthful Bickering

I 24" x 54"   I oil on canvas  I$1,250      

The Conductor

6ft x 2ft    I oil paint      I sold