Duality:  two sides - two points of views - the yin to the yang.  The duality of art, birds, and birds in art - seemingly simple subjects - seemingly straightforward.  


     My art is a painting and a sculpture. Playing the line between craft and fine art is not only about technique, but also mentality.  Using dangerous and noisy tools like a skill saw or router then painting with a soft and quiet paint brush.  In my art you can find gritty glue drips and soft sanded surfaces - playful transparency and aggressive opaques in paint.  The mediums I work in are watercolors and oil paints.  Inherently watercolor is ethereal; while oil paint has a heaviness.  However watercolor can and should also be painted with a heavy hand sometimes - while oil paint can and should sometimes be painted transparently. 


    Through birds we can learn about the human condition.  The avians themselves live in duality as they are born as squabbling siblings and evolve into loving and dependable parents.   Sandhills famously migrate by the thousands but split off into their groups of two or three by the end of their migrations.  A humming bird seems to have undying energy while the cuckoo finds it more practical to let other birds raise their young.  A bird’s curiosity is inspiring while its skittishness shows something to learn from.    

     Birds, as a subject matter, are considered traditional, however, I don't approach my art in a traditional way.  I appreciate more contemporary composition with large open spaces and fun little experiments.  It is the art of birds - not birds inside of art.  I make them relatable in a social sense and also a political one:  the more you see and learn to love birds the more you'll see and learn to love this world.


     We directly affect the avian world.  My art helps by inspiring others to look at birds in a different light thus bettering their understanding of their livelihood and habitat.  Duality both complicates and simplifies.  Experiences joy and loss.  Flies like a bird and is grounded like art.  My art seems both complex and simple to me,  in a way that keeps me inspired and confused.  It is why I continue