Robert graduated at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago getting his Bachelors in Fine Art in 2013.   The school, being a conceptual art school, gave him freedom to explore various possibilities in art.  He worked with ceramics, metal, fiber,  and oil paint; but espeacially woodworking.  There was something raw and simultaneously royal about it.  Unfortunately it is a dangerous field to work in as Robert soon found out just one year before graduating SAIC.  He severed his fingers on his right hand.  The surgeon was able to reattach them though he lost his ability to bend the joints in those fingers.  A year off for healing gave Robert an opportunity to return with an appreciation for painting together with the newfound appreciation for materiality.  ​


     Robert’s career has included  selling his art in galleries such as the Kinderhook Tap, Katie Gingras Gallery , and the Bridgeport Art Center.  He has also sold his art at art fairs throughout the midwest.  Taking pictures along the way and using that as inspiration.  His focus and confidence evolved from an appreciation for the plant life of the midwest to an inspired obsession for birdlife.  Robert moved back to Colorado, home and family.  Birding transformed from migratory to backyard birds and with that  it brought out an art that was more appreciative of things as simple as the different kinds of sparrows and finches as opposed to grandios birds like cardinals and eagles..  The art is always moving and evolving. Colorado has become a great place for hiking, birding, and a great place for the love of outdoors and nature.  Robert has and is currently showing his art at Gallery 44 in Colorado Springs.  He has also learned to enjoy working with charity groups such as Art on the Hoof (Cheyenne Mountain Zoo) and Flight (Colorado Springs Rotary)


     Robert continues his passion for birds and the contemporary landscape that embraces whatever his art decides to take him.


     Robert currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado as a full-time artist.   Painting works of art depicting birds and selling them at art galleries and fine art festivals.  From junior high to high school he was fortunate to be part of the High Country Artist Association in Old Colorado City who met biweekly to study under an artist named Herman Raymond.  Robert’s art world began with the exploration of watercolor and has always felt like home to him.  Watercolor exists in the balance between control and chaos and the balance between ethereal and tangible.