Havasu Falls

I 26''x14''      I oil paint       I framed    I$500

Starved Rock Resplendent

I 53''x35''      I oil paint      I$2,300

Starved Rock : Prehistoric

I 99''x21''      I oil paint      I$2,450


I 51''x15''      I oil paint      I$1,100

Fungus Amungus

I 29''x25.5''      I oil paint      I$900


I 53''x35''      I oil paint      I$2,300

Forests of Kyoto

I 53''x35''      I oil paint      I$2,300

View  Over Kyoto

I 48''x16''      I oil paint      I$750

Lone Tree

I 18''x22''      I oil paint      I$600

A Stroll

I 24''x20''      I oil paint      I$580

Welcome to my landscape series.  It is a study in composition - a celebration of beauty found in things like roots, fungus, and rock formations.  The shapes and lines are beyond imagination - they could never be thought up in a studio alone.  

Why not simply copy the image then?  Because as an artist I try to be true to the experience of the landscape.  Which comes from memory, we omit certain aspects and exaggerate others.   people create their own little experiences.   In fact each viewer of my art experiences something different, sees different shapes and finds different meanings.  This is the beauty of art ---- of life.

Landscape Series